Catherine Chambers
Commisioned Work/Collaboration

Commissioned Work/ Testimonials

‘AmeriKKKa’ BeadyMan ft. Mysterious Zapien, 2020

Co-Director, Filming, Fake blood and make-up.

It was an honour for me to work on the video for this charity single in aid of Black Lives Matter. All profits from the sale of the songs are going to UK based black charities.


The true joy of collaborating with Chambers is threefold: Her appreciation for preparation, her consumate ability to intuit new ideas without losing the thread of the concept and the ‘can do’ attitude  required of all directors.
The challenge with a work like ours was to strike the right amount of hard hitting aproximation of ‘The American Nightmare’ whilst holding reverence for Beady Man’s tune, ‘AmeriKKKa’. ‘

‘The solution was simple as it was myriad in its offering of delectable cuts for the edit.’

Catherine suggested the swaying movements which provided glue twixt the theme and rhythm of the track. Presenting the black body as a fetish is an integral part of the American experience. Without Chambers’s co - direction this element wouldn’t have presented itself in the cutting room

- Co - Director, John Clay

The Modern Witch Apocathery Campaign 2020

Art Direction, Set Design, Photography.

‘We collaborated recently on the product launch shots for The Modern Witch Apothecary, my organic herbal beauty and wellbeing brand. I knew that Catherine would just ‘get’ what I was trying to do and be the perfect person to help me realise my vision. Catherine worked with me to create the perfect set design I needed, bringing dark tones, luxury and nature together and then also shot the images.
After getting the product launch images I needed to start me off, we are collaborating once again to work on more new product shots, potentially gifs or video too and I can rest assured and know I will get excellent results, matching the feel and the vision I’m after. I’ll also be hiring Catherine to consult and work on the graphics and branding and vison going forward, all of which I look forward to immensely.’ 

- Lucy February, Owner, The Modern Witch Apocathery @sheofthegluegunblisters